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About Us
   Ellis Solutions Incorporated was originally established in a small town of Purcellville in the state of Virginia USA, about 50 miles west of Washington DC, back in 2004.  Since then we highly value our clients and continue to adopt the ideals that people deserve to be treated with honesty, kindness and respect - qualities demonstrated in many of the successful and enduring businesses around the world.    
    In the early days of our history, both the state of Virginia and the Town of Purcellville  USA,  has supported us as a small business to develop and grow, which has been an integral part of our success.
    "We are grateful to our clients who have trusted us to provide the products they need and the highest quality of service, in order to keep their enterprise running smoothly.  Thank you for choosing us!  If you are not familiar with us, then please give us a try. Feel free to send us a Request for Quote then order from us and experience our quality of service. We look forward to serving you in the near future."     - The Owners
Company history

 + 08/2004 Established in Purcellville VA USA.

 + 08/2010 Included in our product base Small Computer Parts

 + 03/2011 Increased partnerships with other manufacturers

 + 02/2012 Began including electrical components in our line.

 + 03/2012 Included Ball bearings into our product base

 + 06/2012 Increased partnerships with industrial parts manufacturers

 + 03/2013 Moved to Leesburg, VA, USA.

 + 12/2014 Reached a landmark sales goal increase - 2.97 times the previous year.

 + 07/2015 Established new site in Knoxville, MD.